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Pujol’s Mobile Auto Detailing


About Us
The best car wash company that provides the shiniest detailing to wherever you are located. Based in Tampa and Wesley Chapel, USA. 


Our Objective
To make cleaning your car an exceptional experience and extraordinary customer service.


Our Goal
To offer an excellent service focused on the satisfaction of all our customers where they enjoy the feeling of having a car like new.


Why Choose Us?
For our constant leadership, commitment, and passion in detailing and washing process, delivering a clean, dry, and bright car every time.


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Happy Clients

The service was amazing! I will definitely use it again and recommend it!. ………(Sr. Diego Vargas)

They do a great job. This service is an excellent option for a busy life. The service was amazing. ………(Sr. Albert Garcia)

Detailed cleaning. Will highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cleaner car. ………(Sra. Cloe Maldonado)

My car looks fantastic!! Great wash, great customer service. Highly recommend. ………(Sra. Matilde Hernández)

«A Clean Car Wherever You Are»